Closing the Racial Disparity Gap in Homeownership

Close The Gap

Not Equal

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Homeownership in Florida


in 2020


in 1970


Homeownership in Florida


in 2020


in 1970

A Solutions Based Approach

The path to homeownership is not the same for every household.  For some, it may take down payment and closing cost assistance. For others, purchasing a community land trust home to bridge from rental to fee simple homeownership, and for others, multi-year credit repair and savings program to move from rental to homeownership.  The application of these strategies must be shaped at the local level based on history, quantitative and qualitative data, and the capacity and will of current actors in a local housing ecosystem. Making system-wide improvements in addressing racial inequity can be a heavy lift in the wake of decades of systemic discrimination, but it can and must be done.

We want to work with you to close the gap in homeownership in your community. Closing the Gap is a 24-month, 3:1 matching competitive grant program for local governments designed to implement a community-centered, sustainable, and systemic effort to close the gap in homeownership between the Black and white community.

The Closing the Racial Disparity Gap in Homeownership Grant Program takes its inspiration from Richard Rothstein’s groundbreaking book Color of Law

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