Policy Work

Our Policy Work will highlight barriers, systemic issues, or community policies that pose particular challenges for communities seeking to redress racial inequities in housing. Whether the topic is a Policy Brief or a bi-monthly Policy Discussion Group, the Center creates a space for open conversation around issues that need working solutions.

Policy Discussion Groups

Fair Housing: Now and in the Future

Upcoming Policy Discussions

Closing the Racial Disparity Gap in Homeownership

June 1  1:30PM – 2:45 PM EST

Panelists and Discussion Points to come.

Policy Briefs


  • Is the Fair Housing Act making it harder to implement remedies for housing discrimination?
  • Are there ways to make Section 3 work more effectively?
  • Is the Community Reinvestment Act meeting it’s potential?
  • Should Community Redevelopment Areas be required to include affordable housing in redevelopment?
  • Should Inclusionary Housing Policies be mandatory for all Master Planned and TND developments?
  • Should public resources for homeownership be used solely for creating a permanent stock of affordable homeownership?
  • How should the UPHPA be implemented to avoid Black land loss?
  • Should Community Benefits Agreements be used whenever big box stores or other large employers of lower-paid workers come to town?
  • Should planners use a Climate migration and environmental justice lens when making land-use decisions?
  • Is it good public policy to do everything necessary to reduce barriers to reentry for people released from incarceration?
  • Are we using the right Public Housing policies and programs to support residents?
  • What is the best way to balance investment in minority communities and support housing choice?

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