Support & Connect

BIPOC Support and Connect

The BIPOC Connect and Support program, will serve as a catalyst for diversity, equity and inclusion of BIPOC-owned businesses and professionals in affordable housing development, with an emphasis on growing the capacity of nonprofit affordable housing producers. The Florida Housing Coalition specializes in nonprofit capacity building, and we see firsthand the difficulties experienced by nonprofit developers creating development teams that meet funder requirements while also representing the BIPOC communities they seek to improve. The systemic, institutional, and implicit bias that minority developers experience is an additional obstacle to achieving success. The BIPOC Support and Connect Program will be designed to overcome these obstacles.

The BIPOC Connect and Support program will seek to achieve the following outcomes:

Increase the number of minority professionals working in affordable housing development

Help minority elected officials in regard to housing and community development. Examples- African American Mayors Association.

Increase the capacity of minority-owned or managed development businesses where they need it

Increase access to opportunity for minority-owned or managed businesses in affordable housing development

Increase the ability of minority affordable housing developers to build successful teams

If you would like more information, please contact Ashon Nesbitt at [email protected].